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Host Rachel Stephens is joined by filmmakers, writers and creators of media and visual art, as they discuss how they got into their chosen media profession, share behind-the-scenes stories of upcoming projects, and give helpful tips & advice to you, the listeners.

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Episode One


with Ben Grace

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For the very first episode of The Blue Moggy Podcast, I was joined by Writer/Director Ben Grace who is the owner of Camera Crate a company that sells Cine Film cameras, lenses and accessories. Ben and I caught up to discuss how Camera Crate came to be and the production of Ben's latest short film ‘Lost and Found’ which was shot entirely on Plus X cine film. #BMPod

Episode Two

Making 'The Mire'

with Adam Nelson

On this episode of The Blue Moggy Podcast, host, Rachel Stephens was joined by Portsmouth Director, Adam Nelson via zoom to talk about his latest independent feature film 'The Mire' and what its like being a filmmaker in the Solent region.

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The Blue Moggy Podcast is a Blue Moggy Media production, hosted & edited by Rachel Stephens.

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